African Yearbook of International Law / Annuaire Africain de droit international, Volume 2 (1994)

Special Theme: Nation-Building, Internal Conflicts and Humanitarian Intervention in Africa:

  • Reflections on the Fragility of State Institutions in Africa; A.A. Yusuf.
  • Internal Conflicts in Africa. Is there a Right of Humanitarian Action; E. Kwakwa.
  • United Nations Peace Keeping Role: the Angolan Experience; M. Sinjela.
  • Le mécanisme de l’OAU pour la prévention, la gestion et le règlement des conflits; M. Djiena Wembou.


  • The African Debt Problem: Legal and Institutional Dimensions; F.X. Njenga.
  • International Law and Sustainable Development: the Convention on Biological Diversity; A.A. Yusuf.

Notes and Comments:

  • L’Union du Maghreb arabe; A. El Kadiri. Indirect Effects of U.N.
  • Sanctions on Third States: The Role of Article 50 of the U.N. Charter; G.L. Burci.
  • La contribution des Etats africains à la renaissance de la C.I.J.; M. Mubiala.
  • The U.N. and Internal Conflicts in Africa: A Documentary Survey; M. Sinjela, F. Ouguergouz, A.A. Yusuf.

Book Reviews:

  • Fatsah Ouguergouz, La Charte africaine des droits de l’homme et des peuples; D. Turk.
  • A. Adede, International Environmental Law; M. Politi.

Basic Documents:

  • OAU: Resolutions and Declarations Adopted at the Thirtieth Session of the Assembly of Heads of State and Government.